Texas Motorworx Success Story

Texas Motorworx came to Web Shop Manager looking for help to up their eCommerce game and web presence along with providing their products directly to consumers.

  • The team at Web Shop gathered with members from Texas Motorworx to assess needs, goals, and opportunities.

  • The Web Shop Manager team went into action, outlining a plan and calendar to build the new site.

Texas Motorworx

Awesome Design & Great Functionality

The overall design was built for mobile and tablet functionality with all buttons, fonts, and critical elements loading quickly. The navigation was streamlined so that customers could quickly find the products that matched their vehicles without having to scroll through tons of pages.

Data Solutions and Performance

The development team focused on providing data backend support for security and performance.

Texas Motorworx

Easily Feature Product Lines with a Landing Page

Visitors and customers would be able to find information and the products that are perfect for their needs

Texas Motorworx

Automotive eCommerce that is Safe and Secure

Creating an account was quick and simple for customers blocking malicious attacks.

Texas Motorworx

Definitive Results

Texas Motorworx reported increased sales, as well as better product awareness and recognition. The site design was drastically improved which added credibility to their product and sales efforts. The checkout process was notably faster, with fewer empty carts and lost sales. The CMS was easier to add products and accessories, thus saving learning curve time and man hours.

Overall Texas Motorworx has been very satisfied and pleased with how the redesign and launch went.