A/B Testing for Success

East Coast Gear Supply (ECGS) is a leading distributor spedializing in high-quality gear and drivetrain parts

  • Method: We conducted a 50/50 AB test comparing PartsLogic to ECGS's legacy search functionality. The experiment ran for 3 consecutive weeks. During this time, a totoal of 25,000 users were enrolled into the experiment

  • Objective: Our primary goal was to measure PartsLogic's impact on revenue. Speculating that its advanced search logic and product suggestions would streamline sites search, enabling customers to spend more

Key Features of PartsLogic

  • Improved Search Logic: PartsLogic leverages advanced search algorithms, helping users find the right part the first time.

  • Autocompleted Suggestions: A distinctive feature of PartsLogic is its ability to provide live, autocompleted product suggestions, streamlining the search process for users

A/B Test Results

The experiment was run between November 29th and December 20th 2023, capturing 3 full business weeks worth of data. Averaged out over the course of 3 weeks, we observed an impressive +32.7% higher revenue per user. From the moment the experiment was launched, PartsLogic consistently outperformed the legacy site search, as illustrated below.

32.7% Higher Revenue

While 32.7% higher revenue is nothing short of remarkable, the real figure is much higher.

75% Highest Orders were due to Partslogic

Even though 75% of the highest orders were directly attributable to PartsLogic, we excluded them all for analysis(95th percentile). Had we not, the revenue increase would be close to +63%(97th percentile).

$245,000+ additional annual revenue projection

Conservatively, Partslogic enabled ECGS to unlock an estimated $245,000+ additional annual revenue from existing site visitors, without the need for higher ad spend or increased site traffic.

Definitive Results

PartsLogic had an especially profound impact on Mobile, increasing search engagement by more than 18%. Additionally, out of all search queries sampled, more than 25% of users clicked directly on a suggested product, illustrating the value of PartsLogic's live recommendation engine.

PartsLogic's implementation at East Coast Gear Supply stands as a resounding success. In just 3 short weeks, the integration of PartsLogic search resulted in >14,000 additional revenue. Since being rolled out to all customers, ECGS is projected to boost annual revenue by $245,000+.

As the automotive industry evovles online, PartsLogic stands tall as the go-to solution for businesses seeking to maximize customer satisfaction and revenue.

  • 18%
    Increased search engagement on Mobile
  • 25%
    Users clicked on suggested products
  • 7.4%
    Decrease total visits to search page results